Apple has just released iOS 7.1 beta 4 for app developers worldwide. Available either via the Settings app or the iOS Dev Center, it introduces a small number of changes, such as the slide to unlock text which now shows a silvery effect.


Slide to unlock and slide to power off text now has a silvery moving effect:

slide to unlock iOS 7.1 beta 4

The UK iPad now has an additional male gender option

Messages scroll more smoothly


The full change log can be found below:

Notes and Known Issues

The following issues relate to using iOS SDK 7.1 beta 4 to develop code.


Known Issue

32-bit apps running on a 64-bit device cannot attach to BTServer.



A compatibility behavior has been added to address an issue where some web servers would send the wrong Content-Length value for “Content-Encoding: gzip” content. Previously, NSURLConnection and NSURLSession would send a “network connection was lost” / NSURLErrorNetworkConnectionLost (-1005) error in this situation.

The compatibility behavior applies only if the Content-Length value exactly matches the expanded gzip’d content. It won’t apply for “off by 1” or similar miscounting.


Fixed in iOS 7.1 beta 4

Messages no longer indicates a send failure immediately after sending.



A property, minimal-ui, has been added for the viewport meta tag key that allows minimizing the top and bottom bars on the iPhone as the page loads. While on a page using minimal-ui, tapping the top bar brings the bars back. Tapping back in the content dismisses them again.

For example, use <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=1024, minimal-ui”>.


Known Issues

Workaround: Use UIBarButtonItemStylePlain or UIBarButtonItemStyleAny in this case, or use UIBarButtonItem setBackgroundImage:forState:barMetrics:.

  • If a UITextField or a UILabel that is baseline aligned with constraints has attributes that change after the constraints have been added, the layout may be incorrect. The exception to this is -setFont: on UILabel, which should work as expected.

Workaround: Avoid making changes in UITextField or UILabel after adding baseline-alignment constraints. If you must make changes, you should remove the constraints and then reapply them afterward. Note that this is a performance hit, so don’t do it unless it is necessary.

Workaround: Set the backIndicatorTransitionMaskImage in code.

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