Learn what an iPhone app is, how to find them and how to delete them in this free tutorial guide.

If you’re totally new to the world of mobile computing, you might not know what an app is. It’s fairly simple and straight forward. Read on to discover the very basics, including what an app is, how to find them and how to delete them.


What is an app?

Apps are additional programs that add features to your iPhone. These features might include the ability to video call friends and family, read magazines, receive real-time weather reports, play games and much more. There’s a nearly endless amount of apps — at the time of writing more than 800,000. Most are free, others cost $0.79 and upwards.


Who makes apps?

Anyone can make an app, but the most popular apps come from companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and Electronic Arts.


Can my iPhone get a virus from an app?

No, Apple checks every single app before allowing it to go on sale in the App Store.


How do I find apps?

It’s easy, just tap the App Store icon on your iPhone. You’ll instantly see a selection of apps, with buttons at the top and bottom of the screen for finding more.

How do I find iPhone apps

How do I buy apps?

When you find an app that you like, just tap the Free or price button. If you don’t already have an iTunes account your iPhone will take you through the necessary steps to create one.

How do I buy iPhone apps

What is an iTunes account?

It’s a set of details (such as name, address and credit card) that Apple keeps on file. It uses these whenever you want to buy or download an app, music track, movie or TV show.


How do I delete an app?

Just tap and hold on its icon until it starts to wiggle, then tap the X button.

How do I delete an app

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