The parallax backgrounds included in iOS 7 are one its most impressive new graphical features. It enables the background wallpaper to subtly shift in response to your movements, creating a 3D-like effect. It’s not something that everyone will appreciate, however. Nor are the dramatic zooms that happen when an app or folder is opened.

Thankfully it’s easy to disable the parallax effect and folder/app zooms. Watch the video below, or read on to see how it’s done…

1. Settings app

Open the Settings app, tap the General button then choose Accessibility.

iOS 7 settings accessibility


2. Reduce Motion

Scroll down the window and tap on Reduce Motion, then toggle the switch to On. The parallax effect is now turned off.

iOS 7 Reduce Motion setting


3. Parallax Off

Press the Home button and you’ll notice that the Setting app fades to the home screen, instead of zooming out. Additionally, the background no longer responds to your movement. Please note that you can re-enable the Parallax effect by turning the Reduce Motion toggle back to Off.

No zoom effect on iPhone

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