Learn how to enable Siri and ask basic commands…

Siri is your own personal assistant.

He (or she depending on your country) can make calls for you, dictate emails and messages, make a restaurant reservation, remind you to do things, make jokes and much more. Best of all, Siri is delightfully easy to use.

Read on to see how it’s done.


1. Enable Siri

Turn on your iPhone, then press and hold down on the Home button. After two seconds you’ll hear Siri chime and a small window will appear on the screen displaying a microphone. If using Siri for the first time then you’ll see some tips suggestions. Siri is now listening for your voice.


2. Speak

Next, say out loud, “What’s the weather like today” Siri will automatically look for a weather report then tell you what it’s going to be like. It’s that simple to use Siri. When you’re finished with Siri, press the Home button again.


3. Dictate text with Siri

If you’re already in the Messages or Mail app and would like Siri to dictate, simply tap the Microphone button on the keyboard. Next, speak aloud the text you’d like Siri to dictate. As soon as you finish Siri will process the audio and add the text to the message or mail.


4. Dictate while writing a message

If you’d like Siri to dictate a message or email, then simply say something like, “email Mom and tell her I’ll be late home tonight“. Siri will automatically create a new email to the recipient that says “I’ll be late home tonight“.


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