Looking for the WiFi password is always a pain. It’s usually hidden on the back of a router, printed on an obscure piece of card or written in small print on a receipt.

Over time this becomes less of a problem, as WiFi passwords are stored in your iCloud account, so once you connect to a network all of your devices will automatically join when they come within reach; but nevertheless, those new networks will still appear every now and then.

With iOS 11 joining WiFi networks becomes slightly easier, because you can automatically copy WiFi passwords from one iOS device to another. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter the range of a new WiFi network
  2. Place your iPhone near an unlocked iOS device that’s already connected to the WiFi network
  3. Your iPhone will automatically ask the other device for the WiFi password
  4. If the owner of the other device agrees to the request, you’ll receive the password automatically and instantly connect
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