Your iPhone is an expensive device, and it contains a mountain of personal data. Setting a Passcode lock is a great way to prevent someone from unlocking your iPhone in the event of it being stolen or picked up by a stranger.

In the event that your iPhone is stolen, it’s possible to remotely wipe it, send a message to its screen or play a sound. All of these features are free, and easy to set up. Just tap or swipe through the slideshow below to see how it’s done…


1. Settings

Start by opening the Settings app, tap General, then tap the Passcode Lock button. At the top of the screen you’ll see a button called Turn Passcode On. Tap it.

Turn Passcode on iOS 7 iPhone


2. Set a Passcode

A numbered keyboard will slide up the screen. Enter a four-digit passcode, one that’s memorable – you don’t want to forget it and lock yourself out of your phone! You’ll need to enter it twice to ensure the code is correct.

Entering a Passcode iOS 7 iPhone


3. Locked

Your iPhone now has a Passcode enabled. From the next screen you’ll see a number of Passcode customizations…

Passcode on iOS 7


4. Passcode timer

Tap the Require Passcode button to set a timer for the lock. For example, by tapping After 15 minutes your iPhone will remain unlocked for 15 minutes after it was last used. This will prevent you from having to enter the Passcode every time you use your device.

Passcode timers iOS 7 iPhone


5. Complex Passcodes

If you’d rather use a Passcode that’s word-based or mixture of words and numbers, then de-toggle the Simple Passcode switch. You can now use a word as a Passcode, instead of numbers.

Complex Passcode iOS 7 iPhone


6. Erase Data

A handy way of ensuring your data stays out of criminal hands is to tell your iPhone to automatically erase it’s memory after 10 failed Passcode attempts. Swipe to the bottom of the screen to enable this feature.

Erase Data iOS 7 iPhone


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