With iPhone X and iOS 11, you can send animated emojis called Animojis

Animojis are awesome, and hilarious fun. If you regularly send emojis to friends and family they might even justify the high cost of the iPhone X.

They work by using the TrueDepth Camera System built into the iPhone X to track more than 50 facial movements, and can be used to crate amazing animated expressions. Once you’ve sent an Animoji to someone, it will appear as an animated face in their Messages chat log. They can tap on it they can watch it back in full with your audio.

At the time of writing 12 emojis are supported:

Here’s how you create and send an Animoji:

  1. When you’re viewing or replying to a message, tap the App Store icon next to the compose field and a drawer will slide into view.
  2. Tap the Animoji icon. It’s third from the left next to Apple Pay.
  3. You’ll immediately see the Animoji come to life on the screen as it mirrors your facial expressions and head movements.
  4. To navigate through the different Animojis, slide the panel of faces on the left-side of the screen, You can also tap on an Animoji to see all of them at once.
  5. Tap the record button, and the Animoji will start recording. Say your message out-loud and play around with expressions.
  6. After you’re done tap the record button to end. You’ll see a preview of the recording. To send the Animoji, just tap the blue Send button.


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