9to5Mac has posted what appears to be the first screenshot of iOS 8.

Leaked to a Weibo account, notable in this release is a new Healthbook app, which promises to monitor your health and well-being via the up-coming iWatch. Also making a first appearance are work-in-progress app icons for Preview and TextEdit. Both new apps are expected to utilize iCloud to sync files between OS X and iOS. Preview is rumored to store and display PDF files, whereas TextEdit will mirror the Notes app and display text-based apps synced within iCloud. At this point it’s uncertain as to whether the Notes and TextEdit apps will merge into one.

9to5Mac also reports that the source of the leak also believes the next iPhone will have either a 5.5 inch or 5.7 inch display – considerably larger than the current iPhone with its 4 inch screen.

First iOS 8 screen

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