Discover how to scan documents then attach them to emails as a PFF

When composing an email on your iPhone or iPad, it’s possible to scan letters and documents, then attach them directly to an email. What’s great is that scans actually look like scanned documents, thanks to some clever post-processing which straightens the image and fixes any white balance issues. Here’s how to scan a document:

  1. When composting an email, tap the scan button above the keyboard. If you’re using an iPhone and don’t see the button, just tap the arrow above the keyboard.
  2. When the camera view appears, move it over the document you wish to scan and your device will automatically recognize it.
  3. Take a photo, then adjust the corners of the scan to match the document edges.
  4. Tap Keep Scan to save the image. You can continue to scan further documents, or tap Save to attach the image/s to your email as a PDF.
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