Satellite navigation and GPS technology has made driving to unfamiliar locations so much easier. Now, with iOS 6, both iPad with 3G and iPhone users can take advantage of spoken turn-by-turn navigation. Best of all, it’s totally free.

It’s wonderfully easy to use. Once set up, Maps will display the route in 3D, with road signs, written directions and spoken directions. And if the traffic conditions change, Maps will offer an alternative route for you to take.


1. Getting started

Open Maps, then tap the Search field at the top of the screen. Next, enter the destination you wish the navigate too. This can be an address, zip code, or you can tap and hold on the map to drop a pin.

iPad Maps Navigation Suggestions


2. Route

Tap on the pin that’s fallen on the map, then tap the blue car icon. Maps will automatically find the optimal route to the destination. It will also offer two alternative routes, if any are available. You can tap on these alternative routes to choose them.

iPad Maps iOS 7 App Navigation Route


3. Route details

At the top of the screen you’ll see the route details. These will include the length of time the route will take and how many miles/km it is. This information can be helpful when choosing the optimal route.

iPad Maps App iOS 7 Route Details


4. Get driving

Tap the blue Start button. Maps will zoom in and show your current location in the centre of the screen. If using an iPad with 3G, then Siri will speak out-loud the turn-by-turn directions.

iPad Maps App iOS 7 Directions


5. Directions

To leave the 3D map and see a list of the directions, tap the Overview button in the top right top corner of the screen, then the list menu icon at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see an overview of the route, with road signs, distance to drive and road names in a list. Tap Done to return to the 3D map.

iPad Maps App iOS 7 Route Steps


6. End navigation

To end turn-by-turn navigation, tap anywhere on the screen, then choose End.

iPad Maps App iOS 7 End Directions


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