iOS 7 includes a brand new version of Safari for iPad. It’s packed with new features, including iCloud Tabs and a completely revamped interface. When browsing the web the address bar shrinks in size and on-screen buttons slide out of your way. It makes for a magical experience on the large Multi-Touch display.

Read on to see how Safari on iPad has been revamped in iOS 7.


1. Navigating and search

iOS 7 merges the address and search fields into one. So to visit websites or search for a query on Google, just tap it into this new field at the top of the screen.

Safari Address Search Bar iPad iOS 7


2. Tabs

It’s possible to have several websites open at once on iPad using tabs. Simply tap the small plus icon in the top right corner of the screen to open a new tab. You can jump between tabs by tapping on them at the top of the screen.

Safari New Tab iOS 7 iPad



Tap the Bookmarks icon at the top of the screen to see shortcuts to your favorite sites. You can rearrange bookmarks by tapping the Edit button at the bottom of the pop-up window. To add a bookmark to this panel, tap the Share button next to the address field.

Safari Bookmarks iOS 7 iPad


4. iCloud Tabs

Tap this button to see all the tabs open on your Mac, iPhone and iPod touch. This is a great way to continue reading articles or remind yourself to visit a site on a different device.

Safari iCloud Tabs iOS 7 iPad


5. Share a page

While viewing a webpage, tap the Share icon next to the address field. You can then save the webpage as a bookmark, share it via Mail, Messages, Twitter and Facebook, add it to the Home Screen as a shortcut, copy its URL or print the page.

Safari Share iOS 7 iPad


6. Private Browsing

You can browse the web without saving any history, searches, passwords or field entries by enabling Private Browsing mode. To do this, open a new tab by pressing the plus button, then tap the Private button in the bottom corner.

Safari Private Browsing iPad iOS 7


7. AutoFill

AutoFill will automatically fill out any text fields on a website with your name, address, username and passwords. To enable this feature open the Settings app, choose Safari, tap AutoFill, then enable the options within.

Safari Passwords AutoFill Settings iPad iOS 7


8. Privacy

From the Settings app you can also change security settings, clear your history, turn on pop-up windows, change the default search engine and much more.

Safari Settings iPad iOS 7

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