Photos are rarely perfect. A stray object might be visible, or perhaps a scratch is present on the lens. Older photos in particular might be riddled with damage that needs to be repaired. For these particular tasks, iPhoto includes a great Repair tool that’s easy to use.

It works by examining the pixels around a selected area, then using the colours and shapes within these pixels to replace any objects within the area. It’s particularly successful with objects that have a defined edge, such as an horizon; or with small objects with a clearly defined area, such as a tennis ball.


1. Repair brush

Tap the Edit button, then tap the tool box icon to reveal iPhoto’s editing features. Next, tap the icon that resembles three paint brushes. The Repair brush, which looks like a magic wand, will be automatically selected.

Repair brush iPhoto iPhone iPad


2. Zoom and select

Use two fingers to zoom the image into the area you wish to repair. Try and get as close as possible, as this will help you to accurately select the area or object. Next, tap or rub your finger over the area. You’ll see it become highlighted in red.

Repairing photo iPhoto iPad iPhone


3. Repair

Lift your finger off the screen and iPhoto will automatically repair the selected area. It might take some practice to perfect the use of the Repair tool, but with time it becomes a powerful tool.

Repair iPhoto iPad iPhone


4. Undo

If you make a mistake, or wish to try using the tool again, simply tap the Undo button. If using an iPhone shake your device and choose Undo from the pop-up window.

Undo repair iPhoto iPad iPhone

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