The iPad already has a notes app that can be used to jot down ideas and thoughts, but Reminders makes it easy to create to-do lists, set deadlines and organize your life. It can also remind you with alerts at pre-determined times.
That’s not all the app does, of course. It can group reminders into categories and even automatically sync reminders across all your devices via iCloud.
Achieving all this is remarkably easy thanks to iOS 7.


1. Enter reminders

Open the Reminders app and you’ll see an empty list waiting for your entries. Just tap on the text field to start entering your lists or reminders.

Reminders app iPad iOS 7

2. Entries

While entering reminders, you can mark them as complete by tapping the small circles next to each entry.

Reminders 2

3. Reminder detail

Tap the small i button to the right of each entry to enter specific details. You can tell your device to remind you on a certain day and time, set the reminders priority and add notes.


4. Scheduled items

Any reminders added to the Scheduled field will automatically include an alert that triggers on a set date or time. To configure the alarm details, tap on the time or i icon to the right of the notification. From the pop-up window you can set the alarm time and repeat settings.

Reminders Scheduled iOS 7

5. Delete reminders

Tap the Edit button at the bottom of the screen to delete or rearrange reminders. To delete them, tap the red circle that appears alongside each reminder. To rearrange them, just tap and drag the sort button to the right of each reminder.

Delete Reminders iOS 7

6. Use Siri

You can also add reminders by using Siri. Just tap and hold the Home button, then say something like “Remind me to pickup Sam”. Siri will then automatically create a new reminder for you.

Siri Reminders iOS 7

7. iCloud reminders

Your reminders are synced across iCloud, so if you schedule a reminder it will appear as a notification on all your iOS devices as well as your Mac.

iCloud Reminders Mac


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