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iPhone is a great way to read newspapers and magazines. Its display renders text pin-sharp, and with Multi-Touch you can interact with your favorite publications in new ways.

With the Newsstand app, you can see your publications laid out on a wooden shelf. New issues and subscriptions are automatically downloaded to iPhone, so when you wake up in the morning the day’s paper is already waiting for you.

Newsstand also makes it easy to discover new material with a Store button at the top of the screen. There’s a near endless supply of content to discover. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to download magazines and newspapers, interact with them and delete read copies.


1. Getting started

Newsstand is already included on iPhone, you’ll find it on the home screen of the device. Tap on it and the icon will stretch to reveal an empty shelf, then tap the Store button to discover what’s available for reading.


2. Downloading publications

You’ll see a wide range of titles to download, including newspapers, magazines and journals. Most are free, that’s because individual issues are purchased from within each app. Tap the Install button to save the Newstand app to your iPhone.


3. Interacting with magazines

Most magazines in Newsstand use similar controls to this app. You swipe across the screen to turn the page, and double-tap in the centre of the page to reveal a timeline or index, search bar, bookmarks and home screen shortcut.


4. Deleting publications

To remove a newspaper or magazine from Newsstand, simply tap and hold on its icon, then tap the delete button that appears.


5. New issues

Publications with new issues available will show a blue band across the cover within Newsstand.


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