iPad is the best way to read books and magazines.

Not only does it display text and imagery with vivid clarity, but iPad also has a wealth of amazing features that turn reading into a magical experience. iBooks 2 enables you to interactive with books in a new way. It’s possible to manipulate 3D models, tap and swipe through galleries of images, highlight text, save bookmarks, take notes, search for content and more.

iPad really does make reading a compelling, interactive experience like nothing else. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to download and manage books, add bookmarks, interact with content, highlight text, define a word and save PDFs to the iBooks app.


1. Download the iBooks app

Before you can get started, open the App Store app, search for iBooks and download the app to iPad. Once it has installed, open the app where you’ll see an empty bookshelf.

1 Download the iBooks app

2. Download a book

Tap the Store button in the top corner to discover new books. Paid-for books have a free sample for you to read. Free books can be downloaded with just a tap of the FREE button. Once a book or sample book has been downloaded it will automatically appear on the iBooks shelf. Tap on it to read.

2 Download a book

3. Add a bookmark

While reading a book, tap the bookmarks icon in the top right corner of the screen. This will make it easy to return to the page from the contents section of a book. Bookmarks and pages are also synced to your iCloud account, so if you open the same book on your iPhone you can continue reading from the same spot.

3 Add a bookmark

4. Interactive with content

If you’re reading an interactive textbook, then you can swipe through galleries, tap on interactive images and rotate 3D models with your fingertips.

4 Interactive with content

5. Highlight text

If reading an interactive textbook, try swiping down a few lines of text. You’ll see that it becomes highlighted in yellow. You can edit the color or remove the highlight by tapping on it. Highlights also appear in a collection at the end of a book for easy reference.

5 Highlight text

6. Define a word

Just tap and hold on a word, then choose Define in the pop-up window to see a detailed definition of the word.  You can also search the web and Wikipedia for more details about the word.

6 Define a word

7. Read PDFs on your iPad

Tap and hold on a PDF attachment, then choose Open in “iBooks” to save and open it in iBooks. PDFs are stored on a seperate shelf to eBooks. You can swap between the two by tapping the Books button above the virtual bookshelf.

7 Read PDFs on your iPad

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