iTunes is packed with a nearly endless supply of music tracks, movies, TV shows and books. Over the years you’re likely to purchase a wealth of content. Possibly more than you can fit onto one iPad, so there might come a time when you need to delete content. But not to worry, because iCloud makes it easy to re-download previous purchases – at no cost.

There are no limits on the amount of times you can re-download a file, and it’s totally free. Read on to find out how this process works…


1. Logged in

Begin by ensuring you’re logged into your iTunes account. If you’re not sure, open the Settings app, scroll down to iTunes & App Stores, tap on it, then tap the Apple ID field at the top of the screen.

Log into App Store


2. Music purchases

Next, open the iTunes app. You’ll see a button at the bottom of the screen called Purchased. Tap on it and you’ll see all the music tracks you’ve ever bought using your Apple ID.

Music purchases iOS 7


3. Films and TV Shows

You can toggle to TV Shows and Movies by tapping the three tabbed buttons at the top of the screen. Tap the All button beneath to see every purchase you’ve ever made, or Not on This iPad/iPhone to see the purchases you don’t have stored on your device.

Re download movies iOS 7


4. Get downloading

Once you’ve found a track, TV show or film that you want to re-download, tap on the iCloud icon then confirm your password in the pop-up window. The media will now automatically download to your device.

Re download music iOS 7


5. Apps

To download previously purchased apps on an iPhone or iPod touch, open the App Store app, tap the Updates button in the bottom right corner then tap the Purchased button at the top of the screen. You’ll see every app you’ve ever purchased from here. If using an iPad just tap the Purchased button at the bottom of the screen within the App Store app.

Re download apps iOS 7


6. Books

It’s easy to find your previous purchases in the iBooks store. Start by opening the iBooks app, then tap the Store button at the top of the screen. Once the virtual shelf has rotated you’ll find yourself at the iBooks Store. To see your previous purchases just tap the Purchased button in the bottom right corner.

Re download books iPad

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