iOS 7 introduces a totally new way to navigate your photos.

Instead of grouping photos into events and albums, iOS 7 organises them into collections and moments. This results in a virtual timeline of your photographic history, enabling you to scan through months and years with just a swipe of your finger. Read on to find out more about how it works…


1. Collections

Open the Photos app and you’ll see your images saved as Collections. A Collection represents a broad date or location. So if you take a holiday and snap lots of photos, then you’ll see them all grouped together.

1 collections

2. Moments

Tap on a collection to zoom into it, whereby the images will sorted as Moments. A Moment might represent an individual day or a specific location. So if you take a holiday and travel to different locations, you’ll see each location saved as a moment.

2 moments

3. Locations

Tap on the title of a Collection to see where the photos were taken on a map. Note, however, that only photos taken on a device which record location and time — such as an iPhone — will appear on the map view.

3 locations

4. Years

While viewing a Collection, tap the Years button in the top left corner to zoom out. From here you’ll see all the photos taken in a particular year grouped together. Tap and hold your finger on the screen to see a small thumbnail of each image. This is a stunning way to quickly navigate hundreds or thousands of images.

4 years

5. Shared images

Tap the Shared button at the bottom of the screen to see what images you and your friends have shared together. You’ll see who’s liked your images, who’s subscribed and who’s commented. You can also create your own Streams to share images with contacts.

5 shared

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