Learn how to use Photo Stream and create shared albums in iCloud…

Photo Stream is an amazing way to save and organize your photos.

It works by automatically uploading every photo you take on iPad to iCloud, then pushes them down to your other iOS devices, Mac or PC. That means you can snap a photo while on a walk, then arrive back home and find it waiting for you on your Mac.

You can save up to 1,000 images in iCloud, and they stay there for a month. Which gives you plenty of time to save them permanently to your desktop computer, or edit them on your iOS device using iPhoto. It’s also possible to create a shared Photo Stream with friend and family, enabling them to see and comment on your photos.

Read on to see how Photo Stream works…


1. Enable Photo Stream

Photo Stream is usually enabled when you activate your iPad. But if you chose not to enable it at the time, open the Settings app, tap iCloud, choose Photo Stream then toggle to Off/On switch.


2. View your Photo Stream

You can access your Photo Stream by opening the Photos app, then tapping the Photo Stream button at the top of the screen. All the photos you’ve taken using your iOS devices will appear here in chronological order.


 3. Share a photo in Photo Stream

While viewing an image, tap the Share icon in the top corner of the screen. You’ll see various options for sharing the image, including by Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Message, a printer plus the ability to save it to the Camera Roll or use it as a background wallpaper.


4. Delete an image

While viewing an image, tap the Trash icon to delete it from Photo Stream. You can delete multiple images by tapping the Edit button in the main Photo Stream window, tapping the images you wish to remove, then the red Delete button.


5. Create a shared Photo Stream

It’s easy to share images with friends and family using Photo Stream. To get started, open the Photos app, tap Photo Stream, then tap the plus icon in the top corner of the screen.


6. Add friends

Next, type the names of the friends and family you wish to share your images with (or tap the blue plus arrow to select them from your Contacts list), then give the Photo Stream a name. You can also add a link to this new Photo Stream to your public iCloud account by toggling the On/Off switch. Tap the Create button once you’re ready.


7. Insert photos

You’ll now see your new shared Photo Stream appear. Tap on it, then tap the Edit button at the top of the screen. Next, tap the Add button to insert new photos. These can be from your Photo Stream, Camera Roll or Photo Library.


8. Add a comment

Once you’ve added photos to your shared Photo Stream, tap on one and you’ll see a comment icon with a plus inside it at the bottom of the screen. Tap this icon to add a comment or Like it. You can also leave comments and Like photos in your friends and families shared Photo Streams.


9. Delete and edit

While viewing your Photo Stream albums, tap the Edit button in the top right corner of the screen. You’ll see options for deleting a shared Photo Stream, editing the name, adding other people who can see the Stream and also a toggle switch for setting its public status.


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