Have you ever wanted to capture an incredibly beautiful vista? Maybe you’re stood on the crest of a hill with a wide valley stretching out far below, perhaps you’re trekking through mountains and want to capture the scene, or maybe the view in front of you looks particularly nice. Whatever the reason, with the standard camera view you’re only going to capture a small piece of the vista. To get a wide, 180 degree image, you’ll need to swap to Pano mode.

It works by taking one very wide continuous photo. As you rotate on the spot, the camera captures the image as it appears on the right side of the lens. This makes capturing movement of any kind nearly impossible, but for vistas and still scenes it works wonders.


How to capture a panoramic shot

Begin by opening the Camera app. Next, swipe the text next to the Camera button until Pano is centered on-screen. The camera will swap to Panorama mode. You’ll see a thumbnail in the center of the screen with a white arrow pointing right.

Tap the Camera button at the bottom of the screen to start capturing a panoramic shot, then slowly pan your iPhone to the right. Keep a steady hand — if you wobble too much black bars will appear at the top and bottom of the photo. Tap the Camera button at any time to end the shot, or keep panning until the preview thumbnail reaches the far right side.

Once you’ve captured the image it will be saved to the Camera Roll. You can preview it on your iPhone, but to see it at its full size you’ll need to view the photo on a Mac or PC.

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