Configure how notifications appear on your iPad…

The iPad has become the centre of many people’s digital lives. As a result, we’re constantly bombarded with messages, tweets, updates and notifications.

The way these are presented on the iPads screen can be configured from the Settings app. It’s possible to determine how notifications appear, disable update badges,  enable notifications on the Lock Screen and more. Read on to see how it’s done…


 1. Settings

Open the Settings app on your iPad, then tap the Notifications option in the left-hand panel. You’ll see a list of all the apps and services that provide notifications.


2. Apps

Select an app, for example Messages. You’ll now see it’s various configurations for alerting you.

step 2

3. Notification Centre

Toggle this switch to enable updates to appear in the Notification Centre (accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen).


4. Alert Style

This pane enables you to configure how notifications appear whole you’re using your iPad. Typically they appear as a thin bar at the top of the screen (the middle option seen above).

step 4

5. Badge app icon

This option enables you to turn off the red numbered badges that appear over app icons when you have a new message or update.


6. Show Preview

This typically applies to social media apps. If enabled, the first line of a message will appear in any notifications.


7. Repeat Alert

iPad automatically alerts you to new messages twice. You can disable this feature by toggling this switch, or alternatively, tell it to alert you even more times.


8. View in Lock Screen

Toggle this off to prevent notifications appearing on the lock screen.

step 8

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