Music sounds great on iPhone.

With a good pair of headphones it’s easy to imagine yourself in a rock concert, music hall or live event. However, music is often suited to a particular equalizer setting. So rock and roll works best with lots of bass, whereby classical music sounds better with more treble applied to it.

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to change the equalizer settings. You’ll also discover how to set an automatic sound check feature, and set a volume limit.


1. Settings

Start by opening the Settings app, then tap the Music option in the left-hand panel. From here you’ll see all the music playback settings iPhone has to offer.

Step 1 music settings

2. Sound Check

The Sound Check feature will automatically scan your music files, then set an automatic level that lowers and increases the volume, if necessary. Toggle the switch to turn this clever feature on.

step 2 Sound Check

3. Music equalizer

Tap the EQ button to choose from a number of equalizer settings. Not all are self-explanatory, so try playing an audio track in the Music app while choosing from the different options. By doing this you can hear how the equalizer effects the playback in real-time.


4. Volume Limit

Over time our hearing become less sensitive, but it can also be damaged by listening to loud music for long periods of time. To prevent hearing damage, tap the Volume Limit button, then lower the setting by dragging the slider button to the left. This will prevent iPhone from playing music at a volume higher than what is selected.

Step 4 Volume Limit

5. Group By Album Artist

Sometimes an album can have multiple artists and contributors. This toggle switch will ensure that all the tracks from multiple artists in retained as one album, instead of separating them into separate albums by each artist.

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