Multitasking in iOS has gotten a whole lot easier. You can now see a snapshot of the app running in the background, and with a swipe of your finger it’s possible to close an app. iOS 7 has also gotten a lot smarter. It learns your most frequent habits, so if you check Twitter every morning at 9AM, iOS 7 will update the app with new tweets before you even get chance to open it.

Found out how to use the new multitasking tool by reading on…


1. Enable multitasking

It’s easy to open the multitasking window. Just double press the Home button at any time. You’ll see the most recent apps appear with a preview window for each.

1 Enable multitasking

2. Navigating apps

Swipe left and right to navigate through the most recent apps. To jump to one, just tap on it.

2 Navigating apps

3. Quit an app

If you ever need to force quit an app (for example if it has crashed) just swipe the apps preview window upwards.

3 Quit an app

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