Use all 10 fingers to interact with iPad…

iPad has a vast Multi-Touch screen that’s waiting to be touched.

What does Multi-Touch mean? You can use multiple fingers – all 10 even – to control the content displayed on the screen. That means you can play a guitar or piano just as you would in real life, pinch-to-zoom through content and even paint with multiple fingers. It truly is a magical experience.

In this tutorial you’ll discover the best ways to use your fingertips to interact with iPad….



1. Pinch to close apps

To quickly close an app and return to the home screen, place five fingers on the screen and quickly pinch them shut.

Step 1

2. Swipe up for the multitask bar

Using four fingers, swipe them up across the screen. You’ll see the multitask bar appear at the bottom, with shortcuts to your most recently used apps. Swipe it to the right to reveal iPod controls, swipe right once more to see volume and AirPlay controls.


3. Swipe down to show the Notification Center

At any time you can swipe one finger down the iPad screen to reveal the Notification Center. From here you can see weather and stock updates, recent messages and app notifications.


4. Swipe left or right to swap apps

To instantly swap between apps that have been recently opened, place four fingers on the screen and quickly swipe to the left or right.


5. Pinch to zoom

When viewing photos, emails, websites or content without a fixed size, place two fingers on the screen and move them together or apart. You’ll see the content zoom in and out in relation to your fingertips.

Step 5

6. Play a musical instrument

GarageBand is an amazing app that lets you create music and play instruments. Try strumming a guitar, playing drums or a piano with multiple fingers. It’s great fun.

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