Siri has an updated new set of voices in iOS 7: one male and one female.

Both are a slight improvement over earlier iterations, with a more natural sound that’s easier to understand and a quicker pace. With iOS 7 Beta 2, Apple has unleashed these updated vocalisations for all to use. Have a listen and compare them to earlier versions below:


iOS 6 Siri telling the time:

Siri Time

iOS 7 Siri telling the time:

iOS 7 Siri Time

iOS 7 Male Siri telling the time:

iOS 7 Male Siri Time


iOS 6 Siri setting a reminder:

Old Siri Reminder

iOS 7 Siri setting a reminder:

iOS 7 Siri Reminder

iOS 7 Male Siri setting a reminder:

New Siri Male Reminder

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