Bloomberg is reporting that next year’s iPhone models will sport larger screens and curved glass edges. Quoting sources “familiar with the plans”, Bloomberg says the screen sizes will be 4.7 and 5.5 inches in size. It’s likely the smaller 4.7 inch model will sport a body that’s similar in size to the current iPhone models. Apple will make use of the surrounding bezel to increase the screen size, but keep the overall dimensions the same. The larger 5.5 inch model will likely feature a larger frame to accommodate the increased screen size. The larger model will also feature a higher screen resolution.

More interestingly, the report says Apple is developing a new glass screen that features curved edges that wrap around the size of the devices. Anyone that regularly uses an iPhone 5 or 5s will be familiar with the sharp chamfer edges that dig into the skin after long periods of holding the device, so a smooth, seamless edge will be most welcome. It will also give both devices a visual and design edge over their competitors.

Bloomberg also reports that Apple is experimenting with pressure-sensitive technology that can regognize how hard a user taps or presses on the screen. There’s no confirmation yet as to whether this new technology will be present in next year’s iPhone models, but nevertheless it’s a promising sign that Apple is concentrating on improving the user experience and capabilities of it’s up-coming devices.

Mockup of the iPhone 6

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