iTunes Radio is a great way to listen to music. It comprises more then 200 genre-focused stations, with everything from Classical to Hard Rock. You can also create your own custom stations based around indidual bands or albums, and the more you listen to iTunes Radio, the more it caters to your taste.

iTunes Radio also enables you to buy tracks that you like as they play, so it’s never been easier to hear a random tune then save it to your device for later listening.

At the time of writing, iTunes Radio is only available in the US. To learn how to access it from any other country, click here:

Otherwise, read on to learn how to use iTunes Radio…


1. From Music to Radio

Open the Music app on your device. You’ll see a shortcut for accessing iTunes Radio in the bottom left corner. Tap on it, then if it’s your first time listening to iTunes Radio, tap the Start Listening text.

iTunes Radio Welcome iOS 7


2. Featured Stations

You’ll see a selection of three featured stations near the top of the screen. Scroll them to the left to see more, or tap on one to instantly start listening to it.

Featured Stations iTunes Radio


3. Controls

While listening to a station you’ll see the album artwork for the current track, with controls for playback at the bottom of the screen. To buy a song, just tap the price button in the top right corner of the screen.

Playing Music iTunes Radio


4. Song info

Tap the i icon in the upper-center of the screen to create a new radio station based on the current artist. You can also add the song to your own stations, enable explicit tracks or share a station with friends and family.

Station Info iTunes Radio


5. Create a station

From the main iTunes Radio window, tap the New Station button.

Create Station iTunes Radio


6. Station Genres

You’ll see every genre of music available in iTunes Radio. Tap on one and you’ll hear a 30-second preview of the genre. If you’re happy with the section, tap the pink plus button to create a new station based upon this genre.

Add Genre Station iTunes Radio


7. My Stations

You’ll now see your newly created station appear in the main iTunes Radio window. Tap on it to start listening to the station.

Added Station iTunes Radio


8. Delete a custom station

To remove a custom station, tap the Edit button to the left of the My Station text in iTunes Radio, then swipe from right-to-left across the station. You’ll see a red Delete button appear. Tap on it to remove the selected station.

Delete Radio Station iTunes

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