Block apps, turn off in-app purchases and more…

The iPad is a fully functioning computer, but one that’s so easy to use a child can pick it up and begin to open applications within seconds. That means there’s always a risk that a child might download an inappropriate app, make dozens of in-app purchases or change settings.

In this tutorial you’ll discover how to configure the restrictions on your iPad, preventing another user from accessing materials and features you’d rather they didn’t.

1. Settings

Open the Settings app, tap the General button, then tap the Restrictions button. Next, tap the Enable Restrictions button.


2. Set a passcode

A Set Passcode window will appear. Enter a set of digits, preferably a set that’s easy to remember. On the following screen you’ll see every restriction available to use and configure.

step 2

3. Restrict apps

The top set of toggle buttons enable you to completely disable apps. Once unchecked, these apps will not appear anywhere on your iPad.


4. Allowed content

Further below are buttons for configuring content within music, films, TV shows, books and apps. By selecting an option you can allow access to certain ratings, sexual content and mature language.


5. Disable in-app purchases

Toggle the In-App Purchases button to prevent users downloading extra content in both paid and free apps. This is an important feature for parents who wish to ensure their children don’t buy expensive in-app purchases, such as in-game currencies, extra levels and content.

step 5

6. Require Password

You can prevent any apps, media or books from being purchased without your consent, by tapping the Require Password button. By default, iPad automatically asks for a password to confirm purchases every 15 minutes, but you can toggle it to ask every time a purchase is to be made.


7. Privacy options

Further down the screen are multiple options for configuring Privacy settings. It’s possible to disable location-aware apps, prevent users from adding and deleting contacts, editing the calendar, sharing files over Bluetooth and posting messages on Twitter and Facebook.


8. Changes

Other Restriction controls include the ability to prevent email accounts from being added, changing the volume limit, playing multiplayer games and adding friends in Game Center.

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