What’s the difference between a software update and a system update?

A software update usually installs a handful of new features and bug fixes. A system update might install new apps, introduce substantial new features and even change how the system looks.


Will updates delete any of my apps, music, messages or data?

No. All of your data, media and messages will still be there. Chances are you won’t notice any changes after a Software Update has been installed.


Can I uninstall a software update?

No. Updates can make major changes to how the iPad operating system works. Which makes reverting to an earlier version very difficult.


Why is the Install Now button greyed out?

Your iPad doesn’t have enough room to install the update. You can try deleting movies, music or apps to clear space, or alternatively, sync your iPad to iTunes on a Mac or PC and download the update from there.


For a full System Updates tutorial, click or tap here.


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