iOS 8 Guide Book

iOS 8 devicesBecome a master of iOS 8 with this in-depth guide book that explains apps and features, includes in-depth tutorials and delves deep into its history.

Written by best-selling author T A Rudderham, and brought to you by the team at iOS Guides, iOS 8 Guide is suitable for both newcomers to iOS and those who have used the OS since its first iteration in 2007. It begins by taking a look at its long and rich development history, before delving deep into each app with in-depth tutorials and tips. You’ll discover how to use the new features of iOS 8 including Continuity, iCloud Drive,¬†the Healthbook app and Family Sharing.

Each app or service has its own dedicated chapter, making it easy to find the content or information you’re looking for. The book also contains hundreds of images and screenshots to help you learn quicker and more efficiently.

Coming Summer 2015

iOS 8 Guide is coming summer 2015 for Mac, iOS and Kindle devices, and will be available to purchase and download from the iBookstore, Amazon, Kobo Books and Google Play.

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