The latest (and biggest) update to iPhone and iPad has just been released by Apple. iOS 7 represents a massive change to the operating system, introducing a brand new design and set of features. You can read our review of it here, or visit the iOS 7 section of this site to find a wealth of tutorials and features about the new operating system.

Here’s what it’s compatible with: iPhone 4 | iPhone 4S | iPhone 5 | iPad 2+ | iPad mini


How to update:

To update your device to iOS 7, open the Settings app, tap the General button then select Software Update. You should see iOS 7 listen as an update from there.


Please note the installation may take a while to complete — up to 30 minutes on some devices — and make sure to backup your device via iTunes or iCloud beforehand. Although the installation process will leave all your apps, messages, emails and other content intact, there’s always a small chance an installation issue may arise.

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