iOS Beta 5 has been launched just 8 days after beta 4. It doesn’t introduce as many new features and tweaks as earlier iterations, but there are still some noticeable changes. You’ll see a detailed list below, if you spot any new changes yourself feel free to let us know via the Comments box.


When selecting multiple images to share from a Collection, the thumbnails have been considerably reduced:

Selected Photos in iOS 7


The Camera shortcut on the Lock Screen is easier to use:

iOS 7 Camera Unlock



Toggle switches have a new animation:

Toggle Switch iOS 7



The Settings app has new icons for every menu:

New Settings Icons in iOS 7


The iPad mini keyboard is no longer transparent (for optimization purposes) :

iPad mini keyboard iOS 7


You can now tap on app icons while folders are still moving:

app icons


The in-call buttons have changed:

In call buttons iOS 7


The slide-to-turn-off button has been updated:

slide to power iOS 7


Yahoo has a larger logo in the Weather app:

Yahoo in Weather app iOS 7


You can now disable Control Center within apps:

Control Center toggle iOS 7


Twitter has a new icon in the Share menu:

Speed improvements have been made throughout.



The Messages app now shows only the first name of the recipient you’re talking too, and not their initial:

Messages in iOS 7 beta 5


Notification Center has a bouncier animation when it lands at the bottom of the screen.

Speed improvements have been made throughout.

The install screen background color is now the same as your device (so black on a black iPhone and white on a white iPhone)

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