iOS 7 beta 3 was released today for users testing it for development purposes.

It introduces a wealth of tweaks and updates that vastly improve the feel and stability of the system. We’ve listed the most important changes below, and included screenshots where necessary.


– The main font used for the system has been changed from Helvetica Neue Light to Helvetica Neue Regular for easier reading:

ios 7 font changes


– Folders are more transparent than before:

ios 7 transparent folders


– The translucent background behind folders are lighter:

ios 7 folder


– The loading bar is thicker in Safari:

ios 7 thicker safari loading bar


– The Calendar app now shows which days have events:

ios 7 calendar dots


– Toggle switches now have a subtle bounce animation:

ios 7 toggle switch


– A brand new animation is included when apps are installing:

ios 7 app installation animation


– New icons in the Music and App Store apps:

ios 7 app store icons


– The Phone and Contact apps now displays icon for calling and texting, instead of showing text buttons:

ios 7 facetime icons


– The buy button in the App Store now has a blue border around it:

ios 7 beta 3 app store button


– Colour enhancements in the Notes app:

ios 7 note highlighted


– The page tab view in Safari has been altered with a steeper angle:

ios 7 beta 3 safari tabs



– The button animation in the Calculator app has been changed to make it more subtle:

ios 7 calculator button


– The Dictionary feature now works:

ios 7 dictionary


– The Brightness slider has new icons:

ios 7 beta 3 slider control

– Pull-to-refresh animation in Mail has been altered:

ios 7 mail refresh animation


– Search bar in Mail has been changed:

ios 7 mail search


– The parallax background moves more realistically and with smoother scrolling.
– Speed improvements, particularly on the iPad mini.
– More translucency effects on the iPhone 4S.
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