Regularly entering web URLs into the Multi-Touch keyboard on iPhone and iPad can often be a chore. Numbers, symbols and dashes are stored away in a separate keyboard that’s accessible via the 123 button, and the .com button that was previously available in iOS 6 has been taken away.

Here’s a quick tip that enables you to insert top-level-domains such as .com,, .net and more with just one tap of your finger:

When typing a web URL into Safari or any other web app, tap and hold the full stop key next to the spacebar. You’ll see a pop-up window appear underneath your finger with multiple top-level-domains. Just slide your finger on top of a domain to add it to the web address.

Enter domains with the iPhone keyboard

The top-level-domains that appear in the pop-up are relevant to your current location. So if you’re in the UK you’ll see shortcuts for among others. It takes a few goes before becoming second nature, but with time this method of entering top-level-domains will save considerable time and frustration.


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