iOS 7 includes a brand new interface. It’s bright and elegant from a design perspective, but text readability has taken a knock. The large amount of white space can sometimes envelop text, particularly when the text is colored bright green or orange. To help alleviate this problem, Apple has included a new setting called Text Size which enables you to control the relative size of text across apps that support this new feature. So with one setting change you can increase or decrease the text size in all your apps.

Every single Apple app includes support for dynamic text size, and an increasing amount of third-party apps are starting to support it. Watch our video tutorial below, or read on to learn how to control and configure text size on your iOS device…‎

1. Settings

Open the Settings app, tap General then select Text Size.

Text Size Settings


2. Dynamic Type

You’ll see a slider towards the bottom of the screen. Drag it to the left to shrink text, and to the right to increase it. You’ll see a preview of the text size above the slider, use it to configure the slider to your preference.

iOS 7 Text Size Dynamic Text setting


3. Set and go

Once you’re happy with the setting just tap the General text in the top corner of the Home button to close the Settings app. Next, open Safari, Mail or any other app and see if the text setting is to your liking.

Featured Text Sizes on iOS 7

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