No, you can’t edit out spots and blemishes on an iOS device, but you can rotate an image, improve the color and contrast, remove red-eyes, crop out unwanted elements and add some unique photo filters – all by prodding the screen with a fingertip.

Start by opening the Photos app, then select an image. In the top corner of the screen you’ll see a piece of blue text that reads Edit. Tap it. The screen will turn black and you’ll see a series of buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Edit button in Photos app iPad

The Enhance button will automatically improve the look of a photo by boosting or reducing color and contrast. It works by looking for dark shadows and bright spots, and then adjusts the overall look of an image to compensate for any level problems. The Enhance tool also attempts to adjust the white balance of an image, which is particularly useful if a photo was taken indoors. Finally, the tool will also look for skin tones, and if any are found automatically adjust the color of the image to improve the appearance of anyone in an image.

Enhance button

Tap the Enhance button, and you’ll notice the image above will automatically improve. Tap the yellow Save button at the top of the screen to keep the altered image. Alternatively, if you’re not happy with the result tap the Enhance button again to revert to the original image.

Improve a photo on iPad

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