Apple has updated its iCloud beta website with the design style of iOS 7. It’s a great opportunity to see how the brand new design style translates to the web, and a sneak peak at how future releases of the Mac OS might look.

The new appearance can be seen by logging into your iCloud account at You’ll instantly see animated backgrounds and a cleaner, flatter approach to design. Here’s a sneak peak of each section of the new website:


Screen:

Sign in iCloud iOS 7

Welcome Screen:

Welcome Screen iCloud iOS 7


iCloud Mail iOS 7



Calendar iCloud iOS 7



Notes iCloud iOS 7



Reminders iCloud iOS 7


Find My iPhone:

Find My iPhone iCloud


Pop-over menus:

New Event Menu iCloud iOS 7

Settings Menu iOS 7 iCloud

iCloud Menu iOS 7

Reminders List iCloud iOS 7


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