How much free space does iCloud offer?

iCloud offers 5GB of space for storing your Photo Stream, iPhone backups and more. You can see how much is left by opening the Settings app, tapping the iCloud button, then tapping the Storage & Backup button.


Do I get a free email address?

Yes, you do! When you sign up for a new iCloud account it automatically creates an iCloud email address for you. It’s typically something like: This email account is automatically added to the Mail app.


Can I buy more iCloud storage?

Yes, and it’s an easy process. Simply open the Settings app, tap iCloud, choose Storage & Backup, then tap the Buy More Storage button.


Can I access iCloud on my Mac or PC?

Yes. Open your browser then go to After logging in you’ll see your emails, iWork documents, and be able to track any missing iOS devices.


For a full iCloud tutorial, click or tap here.


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