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iCloud enables you to sync all of your images, videos, music, apps, contacts, calendars and much more across your iOS devices and Mac or PC.

What does that mean? It means you can snap a photo on your iPad then see it automatically appear on your Mac, PC or Television. It means you can purchase a song, movie or TV show in iTunes and see it appear on all of your devices. It means you can start writing a document on your Mac, edit it on your iPad and see the changes appear across both devices. It means you can create a contact on your iPhone and see it automatically appear on your iPad. You can also backup your device wirelessly, see where your friends are on a map, sync bookmarks and much more.

Best of all, the majority of iCloud features are free. Only iTunes Match, which enables you to access all of your music at any time, costs anything. In this tutorial you’ll learn more about these great features.


1. iTunes

iTunes in the cloud enables you to automatically download purchased songs, TV shows and movies. You can enable this by opening the Settings app, tapping iTunes & App Stores then toggling the Automatic Downloads buttons. It’s also possible to download previously purchased items in iTunes. You’ll see a small iCloud icon next to an item that indicates it’s available to download for free.

iTunes Purchases iCloud iOS 7


2. iTunes Match

This additional, costed iCloud service will upload your entire music collection – even imported CDs – to iCloud, then enable you to download or stream any track on an iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC. Visit http://www.apple.com/itunes/itunes-match/ to find out more.

iTunes iCloud iOS 7


3. Photo Stream

Photo Stream is amazing. Any photo taken on your iPad or iPhone is wirelessly uploaded to iCloud, then automatically downloaded onto your other iOS devices, Mac and/or PC. So you can take a photo during the day on your iPad, then get home and view it larger on your Mac, all without having to sync or use wires. Visit the next page of this chapter to read more about Photo Stream.

Photo Stream iCloud iOS 7


4. Documents

iCloud automatically saves all the documents created in Pages, Keynote, Numbers and Notes, then wirelessly beams them to your other devices. So if you’re writing a letter or creating a presentation on your Mac, you’ll be able to continue editing it on your iPad or iPhone without having to worry about saving it or transferring the file. Edits are automatically updated across all of your devices. It works like magic.

Pages Documents iCloud iOS 7


5. Calendar, Contacts and Mail

Using iCloud, all of your emails, calendar entries and contacts are automatically synced across every iOS device and Mac. So if you update a phone number on your iPhone, the new number will automatically appear on your iPad and Mac.

Calendar iCloud iOS 7


6. Apps

iCloud enables you to automatically download new apps to both your iPad and iPhone. This is a great way to keep multiple devices in sync. It’s also possible to re-download previously purchased apps, at no additional charge. To help find them, your entire download history can be viewed from within the Purchased section of the App Store app.

Purchased apps iCloud iOS 7


7. Safari

iCloud automatically saves your bookmarks, Reading Lists and open tabs. So if you’re reading a lengthy web article on your Mac but need to dash, you can continue reading it at a later time on your iPad or iPhone. Simply tap on the iCloud bookmarks icon to see open tabs, or tap on the Bookmarks button to see all of your Bookmarks and Reading Lists.

iCloud Safari tabs iOS 7


8. iBooks

With iCloud, any book purchased from the iBookstore is automatically sent to all your iOS devices. And if you highlight any text, add a bookmark or take any notes, these are also instantly synced. As a result, you can start reading a book on your iPad, take a break for a while then continue reading from the same point on your iPhone.

iBooks Bookmark iCloud iOS 7


9. Backup

iCloud automatically backs up your iPad when it’s plugged into a power source and connected to the web over WiFi. iCloud backs up the following things: music, movies, TV shows, apps, books, photos and videos in the Camera Roll, device settings, app data, ringtones, app organization and messages. And if you buy a new iOS device, you can restore all of the above by using an existing iCloud backup.

Storage Backup iCloud iOS 7


10. Find My iPhone

If you can’t find your iPad or iPhone, Find My iPhone will enable you to track it through iCloud. By signing into your iCloud account, either from www.icloud.com or another iOS device, you can see your devices on a map, set a passcode lock, remotely wipe them or send a message to the screen. You can also enable Lost Mode, whereby the device is automatically locked, a message with a contact appears on the screen and the device automatically tracks where it’s been and reports it back to Find My iPhone.



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