Apple has overnight updated it’s iBooks app on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, to reflect the new design changes in iOS 7.

It’s a dramatic redesign, mirroring that of the Newsstand app. The faux wooden shelf has been replaced by rows of grey gradients, the iBookstore looks cleaner and pages have been flattened while reading books. Overall it’s a simpler look that works well, but some might miss the whimsy photorealistic look from before.

Interestingly, Apple has kept the page curl animation. It’s a charming effect, and nice to see left in place, but in some ways at odds with the rest of iOS 7. Nevertheless, you’ll find the app automatically updated on your device today. If  you’ve switched off automatic app updates, it’s available from the Update tab in the App Store app.

iBooks iOS 7 1 thumbiBooks iOS 7 3 thumb


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