By using a trackpad or mouse with your iPad, it’s possible to quickly and accurately select text, buttons, and tables with incredibly ease. It’s also possible to perform a number of gestures, enabling you to quickly unlock your iPad or the Dock with a swipe of your finger.

Wake your iPad

To wake up your iPad, simply click on the trackpad or mouse and you’ll see your iPad’s screen turn on.

Unlock your iPad

Move the pointer to the Home bar at the bottom of the screen to automatically unlock your iPad.


You can right-click on apps, text, and objects to access the same secondary menu found when tapping and holding. 

Return to the Home Screen

To go home using the trackpad, swipe up with three fingers. If you’re using a mouse, move the pointer to the Home bar then click on it.

Access the Dock 

To quickly access the Dock, move the pointer to the bottom of the screen.

Access Control Center

To adjust settings or control music playback, click the status icons in the upper-right corner to bring up Control Center.

Access the multitasking screen

You can jump between apps or force-close them by swiping up and then holding with three fingers.

Jump between apps

You can swipe between open apps by swiping left or right with three fingers.

Swipe between Slide Over apps

Move the pointer over the Slide Over app, then swipe sideways using three fingers to jump between apps.

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