Learn how to explore and search through the App Library

Think of the App Library as an organised collection of every app installed on your iPhone. Those collections are made automatically, with the top two spots reserved for Suggestions and Recently Added, followed by categories of apps based on your recent activitity. To find the App Libary, swipe towards the left from the Home Screen, then keep going until the App Library appears in view as an overlay above the rest of your apps. 

Browse the App Library

When the App Library fades into view it shows a structured view of every app on your iPhone. You can tap on an app to open it immediately, or tap on a smaller group of apps to expand that view.

See a list view

Pull the App Library view downwards with your finger and the list view will appear. You can scroll freely through it, scrub quickly by sliding your finger along the right-hand letters, or jump to a specific letter by tapping on the coresponding letter.

See a list view

To search for a specific app, simply tap on the search field at the top of the App Library then start typing a few letters. Results will appear instantly as you write. 

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