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With iMessage you no longer need to send SMS messages to other iPad, iPhone or iPod touch users. That’s because Messages will instantly send any message, photo, video, location or contact to another iOS user via your 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

It just works, automatically detecting which contacts have a Message-enabled device. All you need to do is type a message, select a recipient and tap Send. You can send unlimited messages and they won’t cost a penny via a Wi-Fi connection. But if using a 3G connection your carrier might charge for the data usage, depending on the plan you have.

In this tutorial we’ll cover the basics of using Message. It’s never been easier to OMG, BRB or LOL…


1. Open Messages

Tap the Messages app icon to get started. If you’ve never used the app before, then log in using your Apple ID, then tap the new message icon in the top right corner to begin a new message.

step 2

2. Add contacts

Begin to type the name of the contact you wish to message in the To: field. You can add further recipients by tapping the plus icon to the right. If you’re unsure of a contacts name, then close Messages, open Contacts, select a contact and tap Send Message.


3. Get typing

Tap the small text entry field halfway down the screen to enter a message. You can also speak your message out-loud by tapping the microphone button, saying the words you wish to send and then pausing to complete the sentence. Tap Send to send your message.

step 3

4. Send photos and videos

To share a photo or video with your contact, tap the camera icon to the left of your message. You can either take a new capture or select one from the Gallery. Alternatively, you can copy and paste a photo directly into the message field.

step 4

5. Sending location or contact

Attaching your current location to a message isn’t done through Messages. You’ll need to open Maps, find your current location, tap on the blue pin and share it via Messages. Similarly, sharing a contact can be done by selecting it in Contacts, then tapping the Share Contact button.


6. Deleting conversations

To clear an entire conversation, navigate to the main Messages window then swipe left to right across the chat session you wish to erase. A Delete button will appear that you can tap on to remove the conversation.

step 6

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