iMovie is intuitive, clever, and incredibly productive.

It enables you to create a short film, a great holiday video or an amazing trailer. All on your iPhone or iPad.

Getting started in iMovie is easy.A simple, intuitive interface awaits that’s easy to pick up and understand. Before long you’ll be adding and cutting footage, tweaking fades and sharing your film with friends.

In this tutorial we’ll take a look at setting up a basic project. Read on to get started…


1. Getting started

From the home page of iMovie (tap the My Projects button if you’re not there), tap the Plus icon, then choose New Project in the pop-up field.

Step 1

2. Adding content

You’ll see an empty interface with no videos or images in the timeline at the bottom of the screen. To add your first video clip, tap the Media Library button on an iPhone. If using an iPad, you’ll see a scrollable list of videos in the Media Library window in the upper right corner.

Step 2

3. Preview a video

iMovie will automatically display the most recently filmed video content. Scroll up or down to go through the list. You can preview a clip by tapping the small Play button that appears on it.


4. Add a video

Once you’ve chosen your first clip, tap the Import icon that appears to add it to the timeline in your project.

Step 4

5. Adding images and audio

You can also use the Media Library button to add photos and audio. The Photos button will display every image stored both on your device and within Photo Stream. The Audio button enables you to import sound effects and music stored in the Music app.

Step 5

6. Recording video

To record a video on the spot, tap the Camera button. The Camera app will automatically open, enabling you to capture video or snap a shot

Step 6

7. Settings

By tapping the Settings button you can change the theme (see the next tutorial for more details on themes), loop background music, fade in from black and fade out to black

Step 7

8. Preview your film

To watch your project play back in real-time, simply move the timeline to the left using your finger. Next, tap the Play button beneath the preview window.

Step 8

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