Capture incredibly wide photos on your iPhone…

The Camera app on iPhone is amazing. It can snap stunning images, capture precious moments on video and automatically focus and adjust the lens. But there’s one brilliant feature hidden away for iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 users: Panoramic Photos.

It works by taking one very wide continuos photo, which is perfect for snapping beautiful landscapes or interiors. Read on to see how the Panorama mode works…


1. Camera app

Begin by opening the Camera app. Make sure it’s in Photos mode, then tap the Options button at the top of the screen.


2. Camera options

You’ll see a button called Panorama. Tap it.

step 2

3. Panorama mode

The camera will swap to Panorama mode. You’ll see a window in the centre of the screen, with the current view in a thumbnail to the left.

step 3

4. Snap away

Tap the Camera button, then slowly pan your iPhone to the right. Keep a steady hand – if you wobble too much black bars will appear at the top and bottom of the photo.

step 4

5. Keep panning

As you pan you’ll see the preview window fill up. You can tap the Done button again to finish snapping the photo, or pan all the way across to take an incredibly wide photo.


6. Snapped

Once you’ve captured the image it will be saved to the Camera Roll. You can preview it on your iPhone, but to see it at its full size you’ll need to view the photo on a Mac or PC.

step 6

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