Make typing easier by splitting the keyboard in two…

The Multi-Touch keyboard on iPad is a great way to type and enter information.

In landscape orientation it’s large enough to touch-type, and when used in portrait mode it’s possible to type with just your thumbs.

However, reaching the middle keys with your thumbs can be quite a challenge. Particularly on the larger iPad. To make life easier, iPad includes a clever function for splitting the keyboard in two, so one half rests on the left side of the screen, with the other half on the right. This makes typing with your thumbs efficient and easy, enabling you to grip the iPad with both hands while entering text.


1. Show the keyboard

Begin by bringing up the keyboard. You can do this by tapping on the address bar in Safari, creating a new email or tapping on any text field. Next, tap and hold the keyboard button in the bottom right corner of the screen.


2. Undock the keyboard

The first option, as seen in the image above, will undock the keyboard from the bottom of the screen. Tap and hold on the button, then slide your finger up and down to move the keyboard vertically.


3. Split the keyboard

The second option will split the keyboard in two. This is particularly helpful for typing with your thumbs.


4. Quickly split the keyboard

Alternatively, to quickly split the keyboard tap and hold the button in the bottom right corner then drag your finger upwards. You’ll discover you can move the keyboard up and down while simultaneously splitting it in two.

iPad split keyboard


5. Pinch to split

You can also split the keyboard by pulling it apart with two fingers. This is the same motion used to zoom into an image.


6. Rejoin the keyboard

To merge the keyboard back into one piece, simply tap and hold the button in the bottom right corner and choose Dock and Merge. Alternatively, you can use this button to drag the keyboard back into place, or you can pull the keyboard back together with two fingers.

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