Save a snapshot of the screen for later use or sharing…

Sometimes it’s helpful to capture what’s on the iPhones screen.

Perhaps it’s a high score in a game, or there’s some really important information displayed that you want to save for later. It’s easy to take a screenshot of the display then save it to the Camera Roll.

All it takes is two buttons. In a flash you’ll have the image saved and an easy way to share or save it. Tap or swipe through the slideshow below to see how easy it is.


1. Take a snap

The first step takes some dexterous fingers and a little practice. To take a screenshot, you need to simultaneously press the Home button (beneath the screen) and the Sleep/Wake button on top of the iPhone.

step 1

2. Flash

You’ll see the screen flash and hear a camera snapshot sound effect. Congratulations, you’ve now captured the screen!


3. See your image

To see the screen capture, open the Photos app, then tap on the Photos tab at the top of the screen. You’ll see your capture saved as a new image. It will also be uploaded to your Photo Stream if turned on in iCloud. Alternatively, open the Camera app then tap the Camera Roll button to see the image.

step 3

4. Share your image

You can now share your image via email, save it as a wallpaper, assign it to a contact, message it and more, by tapping the Share button.

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