One of the brilliant new features in iOS 8 is Handoff.

It works by enabling you to start a task on your iPhone, then continue it on your Mac or iPad, or vice versa. Take writing an email for example, you might begin to compose a message on your iPhone, then sit down at your desk and finish the email on your Mac. Maybe you’re reading a web page on your iPhone, if you need a bigger screen you only need to turn on your iPad then swipe up to continue reading the page on the larger screen. Handoff is a simple and productive process that makes life so much easier. Here’s how it works:


Handoff requires a modern Mac running Yosemite to talk to your iPhone, so you’ll need a 2012 iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac or late 2013 Mac Pro. Additionally, you’ll need to have Bluetooth enabled on every device, and they all need to be approximately 30 feet or less from each other.

Turn Handoff on

To enable Handoff on your iPhone and iPad, go to Settings > General > Handoff & Suggested Apps, then toggle the Handoff switch on. On the Mac, open System Preferences, click General, then ensure Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices is ticked.

Jumping from iPhone to Mac

It’s easy to swap tasks between an iPhone and Mac. Take reading a web page for example. When you open a web page on your iPhone, a Safari icon will appear on the left-side of the Dock on the Mac. Just tap on this icon to open the same webpage on your Mac. This same process goes for composing Notes, Emails and Messages, or adding Calendar and Contact entries.

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