Is this what the graphite iPhone looks like? YouTube user DetroitBORG, has posted several unboxing videos that show iPhone and iPad components being handled and compared.

The first video shows the new back-plate for the iPad mini 2, plus a new graphite-colored iPhone 5S:


It’s worth noting that early components for last year’s iPhone 5 showed a similar color. It wasn’t until the units were chemically treated before being assembled that the typical black color we’re all familiar could be seen. Nevertheless, this graphite color sits well with the much-rumored gold iPhone 5S that’s expected to be announced September 10th.

Other notes from this video include a larger area reserved for the battery, smaller logic board and chipsets spacing and a larger cutout for the LED camera flash.

An additional video shows the back-plate for the gold iPhone:

A third video compares the iPhone 5S casing with both the iPhone 5 and plastic iPhone 5C:

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