Rumors continue to swirl ahead of the up-coming iPhone announcement expected September 10th. Alongside the much expected iPhone 5S and plastic iPhone 5C, photos have appeared on the web that depict a gold iPhone:

Gold iPhone 5S

(Source: iMore)


It’s unlikely that a gold iPhone would see release in the US or Europe, but as MG Siegler pointed out at TechCrunch, “A number of folks have noted that a gold iPhone would likely do well in the Chinese and Indian markets as well, where the color is very popular.”

At this point it’s all pure speculation. We’ll find out more in early September.

In the meantime, the French rumor site NowhereElse has posted images that show the back plate for the next full-sized iPad. Long expected to take on the properties of the iPad mini (smaller bevels on the left and right side and a thinner shell), the next generation iPad announcement is likely to take place in October of this year. We’ll keep you updated with anymore updates as they happen.

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