Have a problem with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac? The Genius Bar is a technical support service in every Apple Store where you can get help to solve the problem or recieve a replacement device.

They’re often referred to as the heart and soul of an Apple Store. They’re manned by a team of technical specialists called “Geniuses”. Each has experience solving every kind of hardware and software-related problems. They’re also friendly and understanding to boot.

Most services at the Genius Bar are carried out for free. Typically the Genius Bar is where you might go if you’ve broken the screen of your iPhone or iPad, if a button has stopped working or if the software is not responding as expected. Repairs are carried out in the store, often while you wait. If the Genius can’t repair the device on the spot then a replacement is usually offered.


Booking a Genius Bar appointment

The easiest way to book a Genius Bar appointment is via the Apple Store website. The URL changes depending on your location, but Google search “Book a Genius Bar appointment” and the first result will take you to the right page. From the website you can select your nearest store and choose a suitable time and date – right down to the exact 10 minutes that suit your needs.

Please note that you’ll need an Apple ID to book an appointment. This enables the Apple Genius to see your previous software and hardware purchases, which might prove to be helpful when diagnosing problems. It also makes paying for replacements and services much quicker.

Keep in mind that the Genius Bar is a popular service, so the first available appointment might be weeks in advance.


Attending the Genius Bar

Attending the Genius Bar

Before going to the Genius Bar, make sure to fully backup your device. Depending on the problem Apple may need to take your device away for further investigation, or instead swap it for a brand new device. You can backup your iOS device via iCloud or iTunes on a computer. Both methods save all your apps, text messages, photos, contacts, settings and more. These can be transferred to the new device once it’s activated.

If you’ve never walked into an Apple Store then worry not. They’re designed to be easy to understand and navigate. That is if the throngs of crowds aren’t in your way. The front of the store is laid out with wooden tables with the most recent devices available to test and play with. Further back you’ll see Macs and accessories, and on the back wall is the Genius Bar. If the store is configured in a different way (for example it has multiple rooms/halls), then look for the long wooden bench with black stools in front of it.

You check in with the Apple employee holding a blue iPad. Can’t see them through the crowd? Look for any other employee in a blue shirt, they’ll be able to help. Alternatively, you can check in using the Apple Store app, but being met face-to-face is always more reassuring.

Once you’re at the Genius Bar be polite and explain the problem with your device. The Genius team interview dozens of customers each day, sometimes hundreds. It’s likely they’ve encountered every kind of problem, whether hardware or software related, and should be able to quickly identify what’s wrong with a device. Research shows that a smile and positive attitude is the best way to get good customer service, and that applies to both employee and customer. Whereas creating a scene might get you thrown out of the store by security, a friendly chat could get you a free repair or additional advice.

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